How to easily create content for all of your online channels

Today, I want to talk to you about how you can quickly create a bunch of content for all the different channels. So we’ve got YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, you’ve got your blog, you’ve got all these different channels and all these different networks you can potentially be adding content to users for. So there’s a really easy way to go about generating that content.

So for example, let’s start at the very top.

How do you find what topics people are searching for or what they’re going to be interested in?

I did a video previously on how you can find relevant topics to write about on your blog posts. So if you’ve missed that video, please go back through the videos and check that out. Essentially, go to Google, type in a question that your customer profile would be searching for, and then go down to the “people also search for” section. Start clicking through those questions, and you’ll start to see more questions appended to the end. That will give you an idea of what kinds of topics to create videos or podcasts or write about.

Creating an Audio File from Your Video

But let’s dive into how you can quickly do all of this with a little bit of effort. For example, if you find some topics from Google in the “people also search for” section or whatever topics you’re interested in talking about, go ahead and do a video. Do a video recording, just like the one at the end of this post. Once you’re done with that video, you can then use some sort of tools like or some of the other ones. Even YouTube has a captions feature where it will export the text for you. That’s ultimately what we’re looking to do. So we’ve got the video done. Maybe we upload it to YouTube or Temi. This is going to help us with our ranking and everything because these are terms people are actively searching for. But then we can transcribe that video into audio using some free converters online or video editing software. So we now have an audio component, maybe that’s a podcast.

Easily Create a Blog Post From Your Video or Audio

So you can put that out on your podcast network, all from the same video. Then from that video, you want to transcribe it into text. Again, this is using something like, or a similar service, YouTube captions, whatever the case is. Somehow transcribe that video or that audio file into text, and then put it into your blogging platform or some sort of word document, go in and make some minor changes or edits, whatever you need to do. And now you’ve got a blog post.

So let’s recap from where we are right now. You’ve got a video, you’ve got an audio file for some sort of podcast or audio. And then you’ve got the transcribed text for your blog post. Now, from this blog post, you can start to extract things like quotes from that blog posts. This will serve your social media channel.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts & Newsletter

So out of that one blog post, maybe we’ve got 20 different quotes that we can quote or pull out from that blog post. That just took care of 20 different posts on my social network. So now we’ve got video, we’ve got audio, we’ve got the blog posts and we’ve got the social media posts. And to take it one step further, if you’re doing email marketing or anything similar to that, now you’ve got some content that you could plug into your email marketing. Now, your email marketing again, probably one call to action. So you’d want to include maybe a brief paragraph or an excerpt from that blog post. You can either link it to the video or you can link it to the blog posts. My opinion, you would link it to the blog post. And that blog has the video, it’s got the text format and the audio format available for your users.

So, that’s a really quick way you can take care of a lot of different channels with minimal effort. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments. Thank you for checking it out.

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